How Started

Poleramma Talli is the goddess of the village. Poleramma Talli initially came to light with the spread stone (Sattu) which people believe that the goddess came to our village and so constructed a small room to cover the Sattu. No one took ownership to renovate the place which has been there in the village for over 100 years. As it has been a small room and it’s very difficult to enter the room, people started to ignore the temple and “Grama Talli”. Talli is the meaning of mother, people believe Grama Talli protects village.

As we strongly believe in saving temples for the next generations and keeping history of Hinduism, renovating the place to accommodate the minimum amenities for pujas and providing shelter for older people is the current project taken up. Renovation was started end of 2011 and is still progressing. Lot more work is still to be accomplished which will be informed as we make progress.

Thanks to everyone who supports temples and it’s our responsibility to save temples for next generations.